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Lorne's Journal...Green and Loving It... The vague musings of a cute Pylean

1 April
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Ok so just to reiterate... My name's actually Allie and I'm from the UK. This is purely for fun. The character is Joss' I'm simply borrowing as a writing exercise is all. So just enjoy in the spirit intended. FUN!

Due to lots of 'That's MEAN!' comments, we're back public again. I'm slowly unlocking the entries but be patient with me... You are of course still welcome to 'friend' us, but very few entries will be friends only now...

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Date Created:2003-09-16
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Tall, Green and Horny. Yeah it’s a lousy joke but hey it was there. OK, 6ft 2, green skin, red eyes, two horns about an inch long that protrude from the forehead, brown hair sometimes, I’m a serial dyer, don’t tell anyone. And a really cute ass.
Strengths: Dress sense, love of life, ability to please, can read souls, and makes the most amazing martini in the universe, a cute ass.
Weaknesses: Too nice.
Special Skills: Aura reading, killer singing voice and the ability to make the perfect martini, I mentioned the ass right?
Weapons: Alcohol. Get your opponent drunk. Make sure they pass out before they can hit you or persuade them that they’d much rather sleep with you than hit you
Loves: Life, music, clothes, alcohol, the terminally dark and brooding, anyone with a cute ass.

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