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So you're green right?
Angel CSI
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May 20th, 2004

01:59 pm - Veritas in LA part 2
Jack had woken early. He’d spent some time watching their latest acquisition. Jack didn’t like the idea of a dual gendered being, but the blond was pretty enough and he figured there must be something special about her for Lucretia to be willing to pay whatever they asked to get her. “I wonder why they want you so much…” He smiled as she jumped at his voice. “Oh we’re awake now are we?” He asked the smile widening. “I’m trying to work out why people seem to think you’re so valuable. Personally I don’t see it myself. I’ve had slaves many times more attractive than you, you’re not psychic, you have no super strength or healing powers… I guess it’s all about that change isn’t it… Personally not to my taste but if people will pay for you then who am I to judge.”

Mila stayed silent. She knew it was pointless to get into a debate with the guy who had the keys to her cell and was about to sell her to the highest bidder. This one had the same undercurrent as his brother, something fundamentally unpleasant that permeated his whole being. There was an evil spot on their souls…

Jack soon bored of looking at her. He’d promised Lucretia she’d be in top condition so there was no fun to be had here. He’d arranged to go to an auction with Billy. One of the big ones, all the top sellers would be there and Jack was looking forward to bragging.

The whisper about a dual gendered being was one of the most talked about things in the auction room, that and a hell beast that was said to be more powerful than 50 average demons. The hell beast was of no interest to Jack, but he knew everyone would be talking about the latest big thing to hit the sex market and they had it. “See Billy, I told you it would be worth coming. Everyone is looking for it and we have it. And soon they’ll all know we do. I’m feeling generous. Let’s see if there’s anything we can take home with us shall we…”

Billy scanned the room, “yes…anything we can take home.” He smiled *where are the virgins* he thought to himself then turned to his brother “I’m going to go shopping ok?” Billy wandered through the room only listening partially to the gossip. Flirting with the females who openly fawned over him. Jack was right, that little double tongued demon they had on ice at home was the talk of the room. He’d seen the hell demon, and he thought it might be fun to watch the hell demon fuck his way through some of the garbage that was up for auction tonight, but other than that, he had no interest in him. Too bad Jack was dead set on selling the little blonde to Lucretia, *Mmmm Lucretia* she was probably a little hellcat in bed. “So anyone seen Lucretia and that skinny manservant of hers?” Billy asked a group of traders who laughed softly, Billy’s appetites were no secret amongst the group. Billy tried to play it off “Well she does always seem to buy up all the virgins, and if she’s not here, than I maybe able to procure myself some entertainment for later on? Hmm?” he smiled. "Or I might just have to fuck that little double tongued blonde we've got at home..."

Jack sighed. Billy was predictable as ever. But he loved the green-eyed monster looks both of them were now getting from almost everyone in the room. Jack swanned round the room enjoying every second of it. He left arrogance to Billy usually, but this was quite a coup and he intended to enjoy it. “Thank you, but we aren’t looking to sell at this time.” He told a five-horned Luknar. “If we do intend to put the goods on the market we’ll certainly let you know.” Jack wandered off to where Billy was checking out a few potential purchases. Jack had seen a brunette that he wanted to take home and train. He’d bid on her a little later. “See Billy, I told you they’d be pig sick over this. Have you seen anything you want? And just as a reminder… No touching the blonde. Not in the way you want to anyway… Lucretia wanted her in one piece and your thoughts haven’t exactly been quiet about her.” This was a big deal and Jack didn’t want Billy ruining it just cause he wanted to fuck her.

“Oh come on Jack, you really think that my fucking her would ruin anything?” Billy chuckled, “besides wouldn’t you love to hear her scream when I fucked her? No permanent damage. What do you think?” Billy smiled he knew Jack loved to listen to them scream when they were only just getting fucked. It gave him a preview of how they were going to be later, when they really started to hurt them. “She’s a little thing, I bet a tight little thing. You think I can fuck her without splitting her in two?” he teased not sure if Jack was amused by the thought or not. “Ahh well… there are always virgins who need to be introduced to the pleasures of the flesh, or at least the pleasure I can have in their flesh.” He laughed.

Jack paused for a moment as he considered Billy’s words. He did like to hear them scream and he figured the little one would scream well… But he’d promised Lucretia. Still there was one healing potion left… They could always have some fun and then… “Perhaps, I have one potion left… If you behave I might let you have a little time with her.” Jack really did like the idea of getting her to give him a blowjob, but he didn’t want to lose the money… Maybe when they got back they’d see if she was going to play nice or if they needed to remove teeth to get her to behave. He had to keep her in good condition for Lucretia, but that was physical condition… It didn’t mean they couldn’t fuck with her mind, even if they couldn’t fuck her. “Let’s buy something and go home. We’ll see how cooperative our little blonde is then.”

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10:46 am - Veritas in LA
Lorne sat in the cab ignoring the driver. He really didn't want to get into yet another 'what are you supposed to be?' conversation. He'd had way too many of those this week. Lorne was trying not to be worried. Really he was sure it was nothing, but it wasn't like Mila… If Mila said she was going to be somewhere then she was… And after the images he'd seen in that guy… Well he had to know, had to see if Luc had heard anything… The cab finally pulled up outside the club. The driver didn't attempt to hide his contempt at the destination when Lorne had told him and his expression at the sight of the people waiting outside only back up his clear revulsion that people might want to live a life that was not what they considered normal.
Lorne wasn't willing to get into an alternative lifestyle debate right now though and he simply paid the fare and made his way to the door. Ignoring the long queue he smiled at the tall red demon that met him there.

"Hi honey…" Lorne grinned. Peloquin was quite a sight to behold, but he was fiercely protective of those he loved, a good thing in a bodyguard. "I need to see Luc, is she around? It's… Well it's important… I… I need to talk to her…"

Peloquin looked down at Lorne, admiring the purple suit. He wished he could wear such rich colors, but his complexion limited him, and the brightest color he’d wear was any blue that matched his eyes. Well sure he could wear any color he wanted, who was going to tell him anything… Well Lorne had, once. But Peloquin admired the green demon for that – it took a lot of guts to critique the outfit of someone who could easily break you in half. Peloquin smiled a one sided smile gesturing with his head for Lorne to go on inside, “Find Raiff, he’ll take you to her. He’s working with the cage dancers on the floor.” With that he turned back to holding the line at the door.

Lorne smiled sweetly. "Thanks honey…" He paused before going through the door. "Oh and sugar, I have to say you look gorgeous tonight…" He slipped quickly through the door just in case Peloquin decided that he really had heard enough fashion tips from the green demon.

Lorne strolled confidently through the club. The place was a little dark for his tastes but hey… He grinned as he saw Raiff, the tall figure eyeing up the dancers with a critical gaze that only a fellow professional could do. Lorne smiled. He was cute as a kitten too. Moving closer to Raiff he put a hand on his shoulder. "Hey sugar…" He shouted above the noise. "I need to see Luc, it's important…"

Raiff turned hearing the familiar voice. “Lorne, darling!” He threw his arms around the green demon and greeted him with a big hug and kiss. “You look fantastic as always…” he gestured to his new assistant to take over and take the second shift dancers out to the floor “They’ll be fine – just make sure no more than two per cage, and only three in the main.” He smiled and patted the young assistant on the behind, “I’ll be out presently.” He took Lorne through the club to the VIP lounge where they’d find exactly who they were looking for. Lorne returned the enthusiastic hug. Raiff was a ray of sunshine.

“So, what do you think of the new boy toy?” Raiff asked Lorne as they manoeuvred through the crowded club. Raiff had always loved that he could be so frank with Lorne, and he would get an honest answer, since Lorne appreciated beauty in both sexes. Raiff could tell something was bothering Lorne, but didn’t want to pry into whatever drama was there. If Lorne wanted to tell him, he’d have come to the club to see him, not Lucretia. Although Raiff couldn’t understand how anyone could come to the club not wanting to see him…

Lorne laughed. “Darling he’s adorable. If I hadn’t known he was taken…” Lorne gave Raiff a knowing nod. The guy was certainly cute and if he hadn’t been so worried then… “Tell me the ass looks as good without the pants as it does with…”

Raiff nodded “I gotta keep it in pants, or I’d forget all about everything…except” he grinned, “well you know, I’d just spend the entire night in the back room.”

The demon let out another long laugh. “Oh sugar pie I know just what you mean. An ass like that just demands your full attention… You get tired of him, I’m hiring right now…”

Raiff got them past the Kir-tzatz demons who stood at the door to the VIP lounge without even a word. “Those boys are so beautiful, but…” Raiff rolled his eyes “All brawn…”

Lorne nodded. They were stunningly attractive, but not exactly the brightest stars in the firmament. The demon felt a twist in his gut. He hadn’t realized just how worried he’d gotten over Mila. She was a free spirit certainly, but she always called if she’d gotten other plans or at the very worst let someone know where she was within 24 hours… He followed Raiff to the VIP lounge. He’d known Luc would be there but he always waited to be shown up.

Raiff smiled at him pointing to where Luc was sat at a table, surrounded as ever by a bunch of drooling men and a worried looking Merc hanging around in the background. Lorne didn’t need to be psychic to know what was going on in his head, but somehow Lucretia never even noticed just what Merc felt for her. Lorne went to the table and smiled, nervously as she gestured for him to sit. He did as she asked his heart pounding like crazy.

Lucretia nodded and waved the other men away leaving her and Lorne at the table alone.

“Luc, I…” He paused trying to sort out what it was he actually wanted to say, how to explain what he was thinking. “A friend of mine… She… She was supposed to meet me at the club three days ago and she never showed. I’ve known her for years, she’s always reliable and always calls when she isn’t going to be around for any reason. Now it seems like she’s just vanished… Fallen off the face of the earth. Then earlier tonight some guy she has an on off thing with comes into the club and sings… I didn’t see what happened to Mila, but I did see you, and some guy, it looked like an auction… Luc if they took Mila I have to get her back… She’s dual gendered, six months as a guy six months as a girl… We know that’s going to be valuable to someone… I…” He paused trying to settle his thoughts that were racing off at a full paced gallop imagining what could have happened. Lorne knew first hand what it was like to be held by the traders. Not long after his arrival he’d been taken, taken and put up for auction… He tried to silence the thoughts and focus… “So if you can help… I…” He pulled out a picture of the short blonde with her arm wrapped around him. The shot had been taken about a month before at a beach party. The pair weren’t in love in an exclusive way… They were friends and intimate ones at that, but neither was looking to settle down. Still she was a friend and a good one. “I need to find her Luc…”

Lucretia nodded. “If I can help I will, you know that.” She smiled “now slow down, before I have to slow you down…” She knew the demon was psychic, and sometimes that energy really ran away with him. For him to leave his own club and rush down here – for anything, it had to be an emergency. She took the picture and smiled “She is adorable, and do you have a photo of her when she’s a he?” If Lucretia was going to start making inquires, she needed to know exactly what she was looking for.

Lorne nodded, trying to calm himself. But once he’d seen the guy sing… Once he’d seen the images he was almost certain the traders had her… He reached back into his pocket and pulled out another picture. “She’s due to switch gender next month. I… Well I hope we don’t need this but I brought it along just in case.” He passed her the picture of a very attractive dark haired guy. “Mila has no real psychic ability, but she’s a great reader of people so sometimes it seems like she is… At first I just thought she’d found a great party and stayed there for a week, but when I read that guy… It was an auction Luc I know it was…” He let out a long sigh looking down at the table. “I know if they have her you’d be able to find out. We can buy her back if we need to, the money isn’t an issue…”

Lucretia nodded looking at the second picture Lorne handed her. “If anyone has her I will find out, you know that.” She put the pictures down on the table, she knew Lorne knew all about auctions, knew everything down to what it felt like to stand there, and know your fate balanced on who had more money, and the greater desire or need for you. She knew saving them all was impossible, as well as dangerous. She had to make her purchases carefully and sparingly. Her credibility and stature with the traders could be easily damaged if she bought everything – and suddenly everything was out running free. “The money is never an issue Lorne, you know that. Later tonight I’ll put my desires out there and see who comes to call. But until then, relax you know how slowly things move in that world when values are assessed. If she is valuable, and being dual gendered she is; they’ll not harm her.” Lucretia smiled reassuringly “Can I have some firewater brought for you?”

“Thank you. I… Well you know I can’t let her go through that… And yes, firewater would be wonderful.” He tried to smile as she gestured to one of the staff and within moments one of the few substances in the world that could actually make him drunk was placed on the table. He picked it up and took a long swig, relishing the burn as the liquid flowed down his oesophagus. He knew what it was to be sold… To feel like everything you had was lost. He was still new to the dimension. Just finding a way, just realizing what he could do with his abilities. Back home all they’d ever done was use their abilities to track prey… But the first time demon saw someone sing… He knew he could do so much more… He’d been reading people at a friend’s bar, the whole thing had gone down a storm… It was almost 4am when he finally left for the short walk home. All he remembered was feeling a sharp pain somewhere in the back of his head, until he woke up in a holding cell. They’d made the situation very clear… He was theirs now, to be sold to the highest bidder. They’d implanted a tracking chip into him and any attempt to escape, they’d simply hunt him down and bring him back… Of course that was the short version… The long one involved lots of pain along with it. Psychics were very valuable apparently… He’d pretty much resigned himself to the whole thing. Sure he had friends, but he lived alone and had a tendency to go where the fun was, everyone would just think he’d found some weeklong party somewhere. The worst thing was standing there… Waiting as they prodded and poked at him, wanting him to read anyone and everyone. At the time he didn’t know why Lucretia had bought him, just that she had and that she seemed a hell of a better prospect than the 7ft tall Grenack demon who seemed REALLY interested. He didn’t want that for Mila… But Luc was right they wouldn’t harm her till the auction. So with any luck they had a little time. No one was ever sold straight away, they needed to get word out to all the big buyers that they had something new and special on offer. Another few sips from the glass and the immediate panic began to slide away. Lorne glanced up to see Merc watching him, trying to work out what was wrong. He gave him a smile before turning his gaze back to Lucretia. “Thank you.”

Lucretia nodded and smiled “Of course Lorne, if she’s important to you…” she placed her gloved hands over his “We’ll get her back, don’t worry.” She looked into Lorne’s ruby eyes and could easily see his concern for his friend. She motioned for the bartender to bring the bottle of firewater and leave it at the table. She poured another glass for Lorne, it would do him well if he calmed his energy. She could draw the anxiety and dread out of him if he’d allow her to, it was part of her healing powers, but she never altered anyone’s emotions without their consent.

He took the glass and indulged in another long swig. There was nothing else he could do now but wait. Not something he was good at not by a long shot, in fact he was probably about the world's worst waiter. He could feel the nervous energy flying around him, he knew Luc would be able to feel it too. "I'm sorry I'm so jumpy sugar. I... Well it's that I'm not only worried about her but its like its brought it all back again, something I thought was over with." He knew he wasn't the only one in the place who understood how it felt. He wasn't the only one Luc had liberated. In his heart he wished there was a way to stop them once and for all, but it was impossible. Close down one trader and another would spring up to take their place. Supply and demand, and the demand was there. He tried feebly to change the subject. Knowing now that Luc would do whatever she could to find Mila. "So how are you? Are the boys behaving? I know it's been a while since I was here, things have been hectic with the club, but I do miss you all." He smiled and it was a genuine one. They were like family to him, always had been. Well as soon as they realized he wasn't a fierce warrior hell-bent on killing all humans...

Lucretia nodded “I’m fine and the boy always behave…” she paused “at least around me.” She smiled “I’m sure Raiff has already shown off his new playmate to you.” She glanced at Mercurio who was now distracted by the cage dancers downstairs. “Mercurio has even found a new distraction these days, and she’s been keeping him from our bed.” She smiled at Lorne “not to worry, Peloquin and Raiff have both taken rooms closer to mine.” She didn’t want Lorne to worry because she was sleeping alone. Because of the idiosyncrasy of her species and her gifts, she was as vulnerable as she was powerful. She was forbidden to spill the blood of another living creature, even though her very nature needed lifeblood to survive. Although now she could go ages without feeding, her advanced age made feeding unnecessary, her body could be sustained on most basic foods. But she herself could still not draw blood making protecting herself difficult, and her protection was always foremost of importance. For centuries Mercurio had shared her bed, although not in the way he most desired, protecting her while also providing her comfort while she slept. In many ways their psyches were so familiar, she’d said when with him, it was the only time she would have dreamless sleep. She put her hands over Lorne’s “Merc deserves to find happiness.” She smiled; she worried about him being so devoted to her that he might miss a chance at finding love. Certainly he had his desires sated regularly; there was no shortage of females willing. But a lasting relationship seemed to be fleeting, not that she wished him to go, but she did want him to have everything he deserved. “And your club is successful I hear, very successful…” she smiled always glad to know that someone she’d helped, was doing well. Lorne of course had become more than just someone she’d helped, he’d quickly become part of their family, as had hundreds of others who chose to stay at Sanctuary with them.

Lorne felt a wistful smile creep over his lips. He knew Mercurio would never find happiness in the way she wanted for him. Not unless by some miracle the deep love he felt for Lucretia was suddenly to vanish into nothing one day. He knew that Merc would never be able to ask her to sacrifice the power she would need to in order to be with him in the way he wanted her to, his guilt at his part in their banishment only added to his inferiority issues. Lorne sighed. He wondered really if the two of them just fucked from time to time if things wouldn’t be easier… But then he knew nothing really about how much it would drain from her healing powers and for how long… Most healers were religiously celibate. The thought was enough to send shivers down the demon’s back. “He does deserve happiness and he has it here. When he is ready, when he finds someone worth eternity… Perhaps…” It was a lie and an out and out one at that, but Lorne would have lied till his tongue turned black for Lucretia. “The club is thriving. I’m happy there, I fit there, like here you know.” That certainly wasn’t a lie. The newly rebuilt club was everything he had hoped it would be. He wondered if Luc really knew what it meant to him to have a family, to have people who accepted him for who he was, without judgment or expectations.

“So Lorne, how are you my friend.” Mercurio’s hand squeezed the demon’s shoulder as he reached he table. He’d sat back and let the two talk but now the conversation seemed to have edged from the serious to the chatty.
Lorne looked up and smiled. “I’m doing ok honey. I have a friend missing, I was asking Luc to put out some feelers…” Sighing he took another swig of the firewater. “What about you honey… You look adorable as ever…”

Merc grinned. “I’m good…” His gaze shifted between Lorne and Luc. He’d been away from her a lot recently and he missed being close to her, keeping her safe. The girl was an interesting distraction but that was all she’d ever be. Lucretia was as much a part of him as anyone could ever be and he could never imagine spending eternity with anyone else. He turned to Lucretia. “Do you need me to do anything? To help Lorne’s friend?”

Lucretia smiled “Maybe you can start making a few calls, let the network know I’m looking for something…special” She showed the photos to him “You see this being is dual gendered, and that will bring a pretty price…” she thought for a moment “In fact…contact the Tavington Brothers. They specialize in sex slaves, but emphasize that the specimen must be in pristine condition, you know how those boys are about sampling, especially William.” She shook her head “yes get in contact with the Tavingtons, because if they don’t have her, they will find out who does and will do everything in their power to procure her.” She turned to Lorne “Those boys really enjoy dealing with me, and will go out of their way to please me.”

Lorne didn't like what he was hearing now, he'd known why they'd want a being like Mila but hearing it... He felt his stomach turning a double somersault with triple twist.

Mercurio nodded. "I'll make the calls." He had no desire to mix with the likes of the Tavingtons, but they were prominent traders and Luc was right they would certainly find this being. He scanned the photos carefully. Both were attractive by any standards. The first was of a small blonde girl on a beach with Lorne. Her arms were wrapped tightly around him and they were both laughing... "We'll find her Lorne." He told the demon, gently squeezing his arm as he stood up. "I'll let you know if they have anything..." He disappeared into the office to make the calls leaving Lorne and Luc alone at the table once more. Lorne took the bottle from the table and poured himself another glass. If he was going to have to wait he was going to have to get drunk...

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May 14th, 2004

01:14 am - look at my gift!!!!!!!
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May 12th, 2004

07:36 pm - heh
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Today was really fun.
I feel unusual because my antidepressants are making me hairy.

I'm so stoned.

I want to tell the world that I love you all! You're all so special to me!

Today, I got a digital camera! Yes! Here's ten thousand photographs of my cat.

I want to say thanks to the academy for giving me this award.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I have bipolar disorder, and a healthy imagination.

You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you what your favourite sexual position is.

hehehe the lazy fuck's way to fill in LJ cool!

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May 4th, 2004

03:22 pm - hehehee
Orange info
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02:45 pm - Hmmm does this sound like me?????????
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March 28th, 2004

10:36 pm - My egg....

Oh how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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March 22nd, 2004

11:12 pm - icons
Lorne's on vacation for a little while but I found some great pics and had to share one I made... I'm not usually spiteful but this man has pissed me off!


Under the cut are old ones I'm willing to share now...

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February 17th, 2004

10:51 am
Ok so I didn't keep my word and post again did I? Sorry guys but you know how life is sometimes. Plus the little redhead hijacked my LJ yesterday, something about a campaign... What do I know; if it's not a 50% off sale then really I'm not interested. Sure I care about the world but issues are for ageing rock stars and politician's wives.

So what's been happening? Oh well you know I was telling you about the end of the world thing? You know some weird cult decided to use a little magic and a lot of crazy glue to make everyone think we were heading for the end of the world? Right well turns out our little group of insane culty goodness were just a touch nearer to the mark than we thought...

Swirly flash back thing...

So it was last week and I had somehow or other been persuaded by our fearless leader, well honey you'd have to be fearless to wear an outfit like that where there are beings with eyes, to go on some demon hunt. Why would I hunt one of my own kind? Well cause really in the strictest sense of the word I'm not really a demon, I'm just a guy from another dimension so we're on shaky ground to begin with, but also because what Angel wanted was my translation skills as opposed to any form of slash and dash... Oh come on don't tell me your not tired of slice and dice too? Anyhoo, as this was a strictly non-violent mission and I knew that it would give me some time to bug Batfink (My wings are like a shield of steel!), I agree to go. Angel is just so deliciously easy to tease. I mean I try and limit myself cause there is an element of a barrel full of fish and an ouzi you know.

So we're wandering through the sewers chatting, well of course you all know its me doing the chatting and Angel eyes just sulking, wondering if there's an off switch of the green demon... When suddenly its like this huge crack appears in the ground and there's fire and brimstone and I'm starting to feel just a little bit like a hobbit on mount doom... Even though I'm much taller, less hairy and have significantly better dress sense. But anyway, back to the hole that seems to reach down to the earth's core. Angel has this look on his face that makes me wonder if staying in bed this morning would have been a much safer option, but luckily for me he seems to think that this is one time when we should be getting the heck out of there rather than staying for a chat with whatever comes out of the big hole... So he can be smart occasionally who knew? Ok so we get out of the sewers and head back to base camp. As for the rest I'll tell ya soon cause hey I have... things... to do. Later I promise...
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February 15th, 2004

12:32 am - bahahahaah
ok this is the FUNNIEST thing I've seen today...

To show your support for ANGEL !!!!

Send HAIRGEL to the WB head offices and/or afflilate offices !!!!!


Mr. Jordan Levin
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stole this off one of thewb's message boards what a bloody great idea hahahahahhaah
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