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these keep getting funnier and funnier! - Lorne's Journal...Green and Loving It... The vague musings of a cute Pylean

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So you're green right?
Angel CSI
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June 22nd, 2004

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11:07 am - these keep getting funnier and funnier!
britrnr is the secret lovechild of ficbitch82 and kajoosta!!
britrnr is secretly married to a horse!
saigemoon has the last piece of Aztec gold.
illusionarymind smokes "special cigarettes" right behind fpkk's back!
britrnr got tofog_crowe drunk and naked, and took photos. serenityveritas downloaded them.
britrnr and kajoosta run a bordello in Soho. saigemoon and jadeblaze are blackmailing them.

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